Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club in Palm Beach

Here is a link to a piece I wrote featuring the famous Cafe Boulud Restaurant located in the Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club for the Greenwich Post.


And here is the link to the hotel once again...


I can't stress enough what a special place it is!!!

The Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club in Palm Beach

There are places we remember and there are those that fade away with time. For me, The Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club is one that will live on in my memory for a while, the kind of place that will serve as a marker in my mind, a barometer with which to measure others...

Located in Palm Beach, I arrived at the Brazilian Court Hotel after an extremely tiresome journey, but the moment I stepped into the lush courtyard with white lounge chairs and lush palm trees the fatigue disappeared and I couldn't imagine anyone having any problems in such a divine setting.

Baudelaire once wrote "Là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté, Luxe, calme et volupté" which translates "Here, all is order and beauty, luxury, peace and indulgence." These words of my favorite poet were speaking very loudly to me as I strolled through the courtyards, the corridors and the rooms of the Brazilian Court Hotel. It manages to transcend the somehow inadequate title of Hotel and elevate itself to a "home away from home" status. This is especially prominent when one sees how private residences and condominium ownerships form an integral part of the Resort. Perfect for long stays, extended trips and inter-generational vacations.

Take a look at some of these pictures...
The paradisiacal entrance...

Poolside Lanai Suite

This is one that I took myself...you all know how I feel about pristine bed-linens: the true marker of a hotel in my book. These were pretty perfect: immaculate, best quality, picture-perfect...what every great hotel bed should be!

Ambience in the sitting areas...

Of course,who can forget Cafe Boulud, Chef Daniel Boulud's masterpiece housed on the property and a real jewel of the hotel. To read my piece on Cafe Boulud (lots of delicious pictures) go to the February 1st entry entitled "Cafe Boulud"

If you are planning a trip to Palm Beach then this is the place to stay, it's more than just a hotel it's a destination unto itself.  Charles Baudelaire said it best "Là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté, Luxe, calme et volupté"