Sunday, May 13, 2012

Living like a Vanderbilt

Newport,'s a beautiful moment frozen in time. With only a hint of imagination, the gilded age and the glamour of a Summer Season with the Vanderbilts springs gloriously to life. Uniquely American but with European influences, the magic of Newport lies in its ability to bridge the gap between Old and New World atmosphere. Nowhere is this unique osmosis felt more intensely than at the Vanderbilt Grace Hotel, owned and renovated by the tasteful Grace Hotels Group since 2010.

From the moment you step into the Vanderbilt Grace you know you have achieved "hotel nirvana". The Old World decor is distinctly modern and tastefully renovated, the service is second to none and the little things you once thought trifling suddenly make your life seem so much sweeter.

Of course, the crowning glory of the hotel is restaurant "Muse" by Chef Jonathan Cartwright. Under the wing of his culinary genius food transcends its function as a mere mode of sustenance and becomes an art form the likes of which museum curators would covet. The service at the restaurant would make Mrs. Vanderbilt herself a little envious...every detail, every gesture is perfectly choreographed. An army of supremely well-trained servers comes out of the kitchen to serve a handful of dishes with ballerina like grace.
There are lots of wonderful restaurants in Newport but if you want to celebrate that special occasion or want to create an unforgettable food experience then Muse is in a league of its own in Newport, and elsewhere.

Visitors to Newport stroll down the famous Bellevue Avenue and visit the gilded age mansions with whimsical nostalgia as they peer through the past, a glamorous window that closed long ago. But when you stay at the Vanderbilt Grace Hotel that window opens up just a fraction...not in a kitchy touristy way, but with impeccable service and gracious hospitality.

If you plan to visit Newport this Summer, the Vanderbilt Grace Hotel is a must!

A few pictures to whet your appetite...