Monday, December 10, 2012

MOZEN Bistro at The Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas

A relaxed, zen-like atmosphere isn't something one usually associates with the Las Vegas dining scene, but then again it's the Mandarin Oriental and they always do things with a serenely luxurious flair. The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas does not have a loud, smoke-filled casino-like Lobby  nor does it have hoards of inebriated tourists crowding its hallways. Let's just say, the Mandarin Oriental is above all that. Instead, it has a sleek, sexy, residential feel to it.

On the third floor of the hotel is the discreetly tucked away Mozen Bistro: a neutral beige color palette and modern, sleek design aesthetic complement the asian-inspired menu. Floor to ceiling windows offer breathtaking views of City Center and a delicious meal with a multi-cultural flair awaits you.

Mozen's menu includes sushi as well as Thai, Indian and Chinese dishes which they call "A Journey Through Asia". Every bite was spectacular. Service was efficient but relaxed, this isn't an 8-course tasting menu kind of an evening: this type of elegance is understated making the experience all the more luxurious but not stuffy. It's less of a "special occasion" dinner kind of a place and more of an "amazing dinner" kind of a venue.

The sushi selections were exquisite, a special mention for the Tempura Shrimp Roll with cucumber, avocado, spicy tuna and green onion: excellent. Of course I had to try a side order of Garlic & Cheese Naan Bread to see what the Indian selections were like. For me, Indian dishes have got to be the best quality for me to appreciate them otherwise I feel as if my palette is being assaulted by too many strong flavors at once. The Naan was the only Indian dish I tried but I could tell it was delicate, aromatic and well-balanced.

I ordered the Uni which was creamy, rich and oh so perfect. Followed by the Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi Ngiri which was the ultimate in freshness. I ordered the Fruit de Mer Fettuccini but after a bite I realized I was so full there was no room for it, so I took it to go and ate it the next day. You know food is great when it tastes just as delicious, sometimes even better the next day.

My one regret is that I didn't have room to try the Thai and Korean dishes...when I'm next in Las Vegas I will definitely stop by Mozen Bistro. One time simply isn't enough. If you're looking for a quiet (for Vegas standards) but sophisticated restaurant with top-notch food this place should be on your list. After dinner I sat in the Sky Lobby at the Mandarin, just soaking up the vegas the Mandarin Oriental itself, it was sexy and sophisticated, if ever there was a mirage in the desert: this is it.