Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fit for a Vanderbilt...

The Vanderbilt Grace in Newport RI is a pristinely beautiful hotel. A perfect fusion of Old and New, the cutting edge modern touches and finishes in my room were very much to my taste...and I think they will be to yours too! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE classic style and furnishings but when it comes to bathrooms and bed linens...I'm into modern...that's the difference between renovated and non-renovated. And my room at the Vanderbilt Grace was definitely renovated in grand style! There was a Living room, bedroom and Foyer area...very bright, very airy, high ceilings, gorgeous modern lighting...great use of space. The white linens were absolutely perfect: always a sign of a top notch hotel in my book...if the linens and the bathrooms are up to snuff, everything else usually falls into place.

My room at Vanderbilt Grace in Newport...this is the Living Room portion of the room. The decor was perfect: crisp, modern and fresh and I very much appreciated this living room area.

I like this writing desk...and to the left you can peer onto one of the TWO bathrooms!!! Yes, I adored that...2 bathrooms in one hotel room- it's the best!

This gorgeous painting was hanging over the couch...

Love the small mirrors...and the panelling

There was a Flat screen TV on both sides of this bookcase...the idea of the bookcase seperating the bedroom from the living area was very unique and helped contribute to the very airy feeling in the room.

Penhaligons products in the bathroom...

If you're in Newport, this is definitely one of the top hotels in the area...I highly recommend it!

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