Thursday, February 2, 2012

Julian Serrano Vegas

I cannot recommend Julian Serrano enough. There's Tapas restaurants and then there's Tapas restaurants...this was one of the best I've ever tried, no it was THE best. Many of the ingredients are imported from Spain and what a difference that makes! It changes everything! The recipes are traditionally Spanish with a modern flair...words really cannot do it justice, it was that good! 
The service, rather than opting for a lot of pomp and circumstance, was fast, efficient, polished and I never needed to ask for anything without it already being there. Only in Las Vegas... 

You see, the thing is: Julian Serrano understands how foodies want to eat in 2012. We want a little less pageantry and a lot more flavor, an abundance of choice and more accesible portions. From pata negra, croquetas to patatas bravas everything was genuinely delicious and by that I mean it was as good as any restaurant in Barcelona.
The decor is modern, trendy and comfortable...there's no 5 hour dinner standing on ceremony here and yet the food is not contraire, the food might actually rival more than one of its French Michelin counterparts. But enough rambling about how good it was, here are some images to give you a real taste of Julian Serrano...

This Tuna Tartare was SO fantastic!!! One of the best I've had, if not THE best!

Pata Negra imported from Spain. This Spanish delicacy is simply divine. It was my first time trying it and it was sensational. Seriously, this is out of this world. One of the best things I have ever tasted in my life!!!

Fresh fuit with a delicious tasting foam

Pork Chop- I didn't eat this but apprently it was incredible

Croquetas...not my dish either

Seafood Ceviche...also the best ceviche I've ever tasted!

Bacalao- DAMN this is so good!


Beignets...simply divine. These weren't just any beignets...they were classically Spanish, like nothing I've ever tasted in the US before...AMAZING

I am starting to sound repetitive but this almond cake with almond ice-cream was OUTSTANDING!!! A real traditionally Spanish recipe with a modern flair.

Chef Julian Serrano (who also runs restaurant Picasso at the Bellagio) had a dream of creating a traditionally Spanish Tapas place where people could eat, have fun conversations, stay out late and get true enjoyment from their food much like they do in cities like Madrid or Barcelona. Aria is not a restaurant where you sit in museum-like silence enjoying your dinner in hushed, no it's a vibrant ambience where flavor is the guest of honor...
I cannot recommend Julian Serrano enough. If you want the finest food, the speediest service, the best quality and a chic, urban decor: this is the place to eat in Vegas!