Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spa at Aria Las Vegas

The Spa at Aria Las Vegas. I loved it. Incredible. I'm not your usual "I love the spa" type of girl...the spa really has to be incredible for me to enjoy it. I arrived in Las Vegas at 3am...yes, 3am, I have a gift for arriving at a destination at the most inconvenient time. I dawdled around the hotel for 2 hours until the spa opened. 5am at the spa. I'm sure the receptionist thought it was a little early to start pampering oneself but then again it was Las Vegas and she has undoubtedly seen crazier things than that.

I LOVED this Spa. Maybe because I was exhausted and needed to freshen up? Maybe but I think I would have really, really liked it regardless. It was sleek, sexy, cool...I knew I had arrived in Las Vegas.

This outdoor co-ed pool was my favorite. The picture doesn't show off the view...the mountains in the distance and a constant flux of airplanes and helicopters flying past. The pool chairs were amazing with this fantastic canape like shade cover. At night the pool was illuminated. This picture doesn't do it justice. I'm not easy to please, and I was very pleased by this Spa.

The salt room. It sounds very spa-ish but between you and me I didn't really see the point. I'm quite certain the salt on the walls did nothing for my skin and since I don't have respitory problems I guess I'll never find out if it helps with those as it is reported to have medicinal qualities. You wear headphones as you lie on these sofas (very comfortable) and the music is supposed to vibrate through your body. If you put your ipod on really loud the music will vibrate through your body in the same way. So, no...I wasn't wildly impressed with the salt room. It was however very chic, sexy and a great place to take a rejuvenating nap!

I LOVED these pools!!! They vary in temperature from warm, very warm to freezing and if you soak in them (in that temperature order) I promise you will come out feeling like a new person. I came out feeling as though I had been injected with vitamins!

I did not get a massgae here so I cannot comment.

The Spa at the ARIA Las Vegas has amazing lounge areas, ladies you have stations with mirrors, hair utensils, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, deodorant, snacks, chips, drinks...I am not a Spa girl and I stayed at this one all day, that's how relaxing it was not to mentioned seriously modern and luxurious. After this experience you'll be ready for a night on the town in Las Vegas!