Monday, January 30, 2012

Blue Skies, Blue Waters & Sleek, Trendy Interiors...The Betsy Hotel

Miami...we've all seen it in movies and magazines and guess what, it's almost more amazing in reality! I was there in January and the weather was, well, amazing. The cultural melting pot and trendy atmosphere give it a unique flavor that very few other locations in the U.S. can boast about. And when you're vacationing in paradise, you need a place to relax, take a break from the intensely vibrant nightlife and just "be cool".

If you want to go the boutique hotel route in Miami then the Betsy Hotel is THE way to go. There may be other choices but I don't recommend them. Betsy is located steps away from the beach, right in the heart of the nightlife activity, it's clean to a fault, it's trendy, luxurious...what more can one ask for in Miami? 
This is the hotel really does look like this: gorgeous! During the day of course the street is bustling with people and activity...if you want to have fun then this is the place to go!

The lobby: see what I mean about sleek, trendy, cool...if this hotel was a girl, she'd be the coolest prettiest girl in school, the kind you hate but secretly want to be...I imagine that's how the other Miami boutique hotels feel too..
The sleek and sexy roof deck...the view was incredible.

The know a hotel room is up to snuff when the linens are white Egyptian cotton and the floors are hardwood...this is 2012, nothing else will do! The bathroom had a TV inside the mirror (seriously modern) and very trendy organic beauty products. The resplendently white sheets and yellow accents in the room screamed out Miami sunshine, the cashmere throw casually, but fashionably, thrown on the bed (pictured above) was a nice touch...the Betsy is a luxurious yet accessible haven in an uber trendy, vibrant city...