Monday, January 30, 2012

I left my heart in Charleston...

If you are looking for romantic whimsy on your next trip within the United States, then I recommend last trip there has stayed with me and I suspect will continue to do so. The cobblestoned streets are alive with history and romance, the food is exceptional and very fairly priced and the overall beauty of the city will transport you to a long lost world where Southern gentlemen tip their hats and hospitality is at its finest...

Pink mansion in much more beautiful in the flesh!

Mansions on the Battery (the famous street in Charleston where great antebellum mansions overlook the water)

Colorful mansions on the Battery...there were large beautiful butterflies everywhere...

Boone Hall: the plantation about 30 minutes from downtown Charleston. They filmed The Notebook here.

The alley of mossy oaks at Boone Hall, it's quite impressive.

Downtown Charleston

True Southern perfection

This churchyard was the epitome of Southern style...quiet, warm and full of soul and character

I love the wrought iron

The newer part of the Battery

Rainbow Row: every townhouse is a different, yellow, green...Oh yes, I definitely left my heart in Charleston!